Upload multimedia and text files to nuMVC's repository. These files are uploaded as elements that are reused to build your documents, collateral and content for distribution.

File Syncing Services

nuMVC can also use your favorite file syncing services as a content repository. Turning your Dropbox, Box, or Skydrive folders into a publishing powerhouse!


Use our Drag & Drop interface to create templates for nearly any type of file format.

Simply select the types of elements you would like to display and publish the template for use by your graphics team.

These templates are used and reused to create your documents and content. Templates automatically enforce brand guidelines and ensure document governance.


Ad Servers

Connect all of your Ad networks for web and mobile ad distribution.

File Storage

Connect all of your document management & storage applications (e.g. Box, DropBox, Alfresco & more)


Utilize our API or triggers to connect with mobile and web applications.


CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sale, ERP. Any system that has an API available and holds data that helps you calculate ROI, you can connect & correlate impression data to revenue.


Whether for campaigns or collaboration, deliver emails directly from nuMVC. Ever wonder if someone opened an attachment? Not anymore!


Whether customers, partners or employees, enable user-based access to content and documents automatically.


Meet nuBot

Hi, I'm nuBot. I am a fictional character (meaning I don't really exist), but I am a friend of the marketer. I take care of all of the heavy lifting of delivering and managing all your personalized, dynamic documents and content.

My creators have taken care of all of the code writing, so you don't have to.

Program nuBot

While nuBot may be a fictional character, the hundreds of thousands of lines of code that he represent are very real and very powerful. Through sets of carefully crafted statements, nuBot builds personalized content and documents for the specific person and/or application.

These statements, collect multimedia elements to build dynamic documents and content for person, place, location, device & application for delivery via selected channels.


Not only does nuBot's construct content dynamically for delivery, but he also helps your enterprise collaborate better.

Content is the heart of conversation and collaboration in the enterprise. With workflows, nuBot connects all of your employees and partners like arteries to the heart.

Now, when you need to publish a new marketing campaign or deliver documents to get business done, you can activate approval processes that track edits and only publish content once all stakeholders have approved.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Once workflows have been satisfied, marketing campaigns can be published to any and all of your digital media channels.

These campaigns can be scheduled to publish all at once, in a staged manner and dynamically edited.

With our rich analytics dashboards, you can track how campaigns are performing. If the campaigns are not performing to your liking, you can change any and all elements of the content dynamically across your channels.


Geolocation & Analytics

With our analytic dashboard you will be able to benchmark and deliver stronger ROI on your marketing materials.

You are able to track impressions on any and all of your documents and content. You can segment views by media type, specific content, geography and/or nearly any other data point that is relevant to you.

A/B Market Testing

The way that nuBot creates content, allows for you to manage A/B market testing on a large scale easily. When you want to launch numerous versions on a campaign, simply select a few 'If, Then' statements to segment which populations see each version of your campaign.

You can then track impressions for each version along the life of the campaign and run that data against your commerce platforms. When you are satisfied that version A or B is performing better you can then version all of your content for performance.


Brandable Mobile App

nuMVC's mobile application connects your mobile workforce and sales reps with the documents and information they need to get their job done. Anywhere.

The app interface is brandable, so your logo will appear at the top when your employees download the App. The content from the cloud is synced for the exact user, so only folders and documents relevant and permissioned for that user will appear as icons.

Personalized for User

When your employees download the mobile app from the marketplace, they will input their email address. Then, boom, documents & folders in the cloud that are permissioned for them are merchandised via icons on the app's home screen.

Pushed Notifications

When a document is updated, released or requires that user's attention a push notification will be sent to the nuMVC mobile application.

The user can then begin displaying, sharing or editing the document from anywhere in the world.