Microsoft Accelerator Week 1 > WTF am I doing?

Week 1 at the Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars is in the bag. Phew!

The accelerator lasts 13 weeks. So, while I am glad to have a few minutes to rest and collect my thoughts after a hectic first week; we need to make things happen… and quick!

Just like most other accelerators, this program is designed to gather feedback, iterate and find Product / Market fit quickly. Uniquely, though, the @MSAccel is positioned to really scale a startup’s market research by leaps and bounds by combining the incredible networks of both Microsoft & TechStars.

We met with a number of investors, customer prospects and seasoned CEOs / CTOs everyday. This all sounds great (and it is!) however, by day 3 we had heard everything from – ‘This is exactly what I need!’ to ‘WTF do you even do?’ and everything in between.

Needless to say, my head is spinning. Will anyone pay for what we have built? Do we need to scrap everything and start from a blank slate? Do we just need to message better?…

I feel fortunate to have all of this feedback, but it is really what we do with that feedback that matters. For now we will filter, process and execute – stay tuned to see how the saga unfolds!